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Valuation for Insurance Purposes

You need a Jewellery Valuation for Insurance but you don't want to give it away for three weeks. Surely theres another way?

At Irish Valuations we do all our valuations by appointment. An engagement ring valuation or any valuation up to five items in total is done in front of you while-you-wait. A same day service is offered on all other valuations over five items.

When you arrive for your appointment you get to talk directly to the valuer, rather than a sales assistant. Your valuation is our only priority because we are not a retailer. When you make an appointment with us you get our undivided attention.

After your initial valuation is completed items can be added to your report at any time after for just €25 per item.

For more information or to book an appointment call us now on 01 6789797 or fill out a contact form by clicking the button on the price table.

from €100

€100 for first item

+ €25 per each additional gem-set item or watch

+ €15 per each additional non gem-set item

+ €100 for valuations carried out at your home or workplace

Valuation for Probate, Divorce Settlement, Family Division or Capital Gains

From time to time you may need jewellery valued for legal purposes. We are here to help.

There will be occasions, from time to time, where you will need to know the value of jewellery for various legal reasons. The value of that jewellery can vary depending on the purpose required so its important that the valuation is carried out by a qualified valuer trained in how to produce such reports. We can directly with yourself or with your legal representative. Our rates are competitive and based on the number of items in the valuation, not a percentage of the value. If you  are unsure as to what valuation you need just call us on 01 6789797 and we will advise.

from €100

€100 for first item

 + €15 per each additional item

+ €100 for valuations carried out at your home or workplace

Estimate for Post Loss Replacement

After jewellery is lost or stolen you may require a report for your loss adjuster, especially in the absence of an insurance valuation.

What can I do if my jewellery is stolen and I don’t have it valued?

In an ideal world everyone would have their jewellery valued. Unfortunately this often not the case. So what do you do if you need a valuation to make a claim? A post loss estimate can help. If you have any information such as photographs or old receipts we can prepare a report based on whatever information you can provide. During your appointment we will go through your list of stolen items, asking questions that will help us estimate what was lost. While never as accurate as an insurance valuation, this report can go a long way to helping you with your claim.

from €100

Full estimate available on request

+ €100 for valuations carried out at your home or workplace

Updated Valuation Reports

Have your valuation updated every two years

Once your valuation has been completed we keep it on file for a period of six years. Within that time you can request an update of your report for just €30. In line with best practice advised by the insurance industry, we recommend an update every two years.

You can request a reminder by email.

Credit Card payment accepted
Credit Card payment accepted

It is recommended that you update your valuation every two years

You can update your valuation with us at any time for just €30

Ask about our regular update service